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BluemagicalGirl's Profile Picture
ヘレン-子 (Helen)
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Bow Divider Black by Sukiie
Hi! Welcome to my Deviantart account!

Custom Box Header About me by Dri-Bee
My name is Helen, but my nickname is 'Hell' at school, and it's funny because my teacher would be like 'If you have any questions, go to Hell."

Yurio Divider by naturemiku

I'm quiet and shy but once you get to know me I'm the funniest and loudest in the group. Like literally. I'm a big fan of anime, I've been watching anime since I was in Grade three, yes violent and teen animes at that age. I like reading, writing fanfictions, and drawing. I always think my artwork wasn't bad, but when I look back at it years later, it looks like poop. I hate little brats too. They're annoying.

My best quality is that I can make my friends laugh (Hopefully they feel that way too) and my worst quality is that I have bony hands and wrists and I hate it when people call me 'Grandma' when I have no wrinkles. I would've been a great piano player with my fingers but I put it in good use when typing.

Goals/dreams: To do better in art. In my whole life I've only won 4 art contests (latest one a few days ago, it wasn't really a contest but it's a contest if there's a prize in the end. I had to draw a picture of a classmate with my feet)

Reputation: The fangirl, and the girl who sits in the corner.
When people say 'they're the girl who sits in the corner' they don't really...sit in the corner. They just you use to make themselves look lonely and whatever.
But I literally had this classmate who said to MY FACE that I'm like the girl who sits in the corner. And maybe I do sit in the corner and my desk is close-ish to the corner. Ok I do sit in the corner but for some reason, my teacher never changes my seating arrangement.

My stats:
I have a really big heart and I cry easily, but not in public of course. Even when I see something that's tragic and it's none of my business, I tend to care and keep thinking about it. Kindness: 8/10, but again, I can be pretty selfish. At school, I only socialize if I have to, and only with my close classmates. Social skills: 6/10. But I'm also pretty shy, but whenever something happens to my friends, I'm pretty aggressive. Once I literally grabbed this lower grader because he stole something from my friend, and I heard that after I left, he was shaking.

Kindness: 75% Blue by Dri-Bee
Social skills: 50% Blue by Dri-Bee
Confidence: 50% Blue by Dri-Bee
Motivation: 100% Blue by Dri-Bee
When I hold the door for people
Kids: *Ignores me* Anyways, back to Star wars-
Teenagers: Thanks
Adults: Why thank you

Quote: "I want to go fucking Skiing." -2017

divider | viktor nikiforov | f2u | circle by JustButtons

Japanese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Attack On Titan OP 2 Stamp by uiopuiop Haikyuu!! - Nishinoya Stamp by Silver-tan Hatsune Miku stamp by SheviEdge Titan Stamp by uiopuiop Vocaloid stamp by DS-DNA VicTuuri [stamp] by tbyzx
Haikyuu!! Stamp by Janoneee Kageyama Stamp by Janoneee Hinata Stamp by Janoneee Haikyuu!! Stamp #3 by Janoneee

sugawara stamp by Janoneee One Piece: Luffy by Tokisama One Piece: Zorro by Tokisama One Piece: Nami by Tokisama One Piece: Nico Robin by Tokisama One Piece: Tony Tony Chopper by Tokisama One Piece: Sanji by Tokisama Stamp Tokyo Ghoul by Iyokani

Wattpad Stamp by viruspetals


(Private collab AC-OC) Shiki vs Anise
I wanted to introduce my Assassination Classroom Oc, Shikino Kisaragi more so I did a private collab with Rockygirlly. We had a lot of arguments about skin colors (Since my Oc is pale) and height (her Oc is shorter than mine, and an assassin). I told her assassins train and eat a lot so they had to be taller. She said her Oc likes Itona and Itona is 5'3 (160cm) so Anise had to be shorter,( Anise is 157 and Shiki is (160). 

Assassination Classroom: Yusei Matsui
Shiki Kisaragi (left): BluemagicalGirl (me)
Anise Akamine (right): Rockygirlly 
Base: Kurahashi and Rio
Who do you think will win? Anise (Assassin) doesn't have a profile yet, Shiki does:…
Rockygirlly is also reposting this on her page!

Basic Information:

Name: Kisaragi, Shikino 
Name Meaning: Kisaragi is the Archaic name for February, and it also means 'like the moon' or 'wear more clothes'. (I don't get that, XD, I swear my Oc wears clothes). Shiki means 'Soldier' and No is a suffix. 
Nicknames: Shiki (That's what everyone calls her every day), Grandma Vampire, Naked lady (due to her last name, meant as a joke) Kisa.
Preferred Name: Her name and surname are fine. However, she hates all her nicknames except for Shiki.
Aliases: Trickster
Birthday: February 23rd
Gender: Female
Height: 162cm (5'3) 166 (5'4) after Graduation and seven years later.
Weight: 96lbs (43.6kg) 105 (47kg) after graduation and seven years later.
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Blue
Dominate Hand: Right-handed

Physical Description:
Shikino has black hair, styled in a straight cut bob that is pointed down, but shorter in the back and blue eyes. She has bangs on her left side, and her bangs on her right are slicked back. She did this to represent her favorite character in a video game. She has dark bags under her eyes because of her addiction. She does not have a petite frame for a girl but has an average height and a slender, pale body. A running gag for her appearance is that she has similar features to a Grandma and a Vampire, giving her the nickname 'Grandma Vampire'. Seven years later, her hair grew up to her chest but remained straight.

: Shikino was a very winsome and energetic girl before the death of her mother. After that, she became a very passive, remote and disinterested girl. When disturbed she would be a bit aggressive. Upon entering Class 3E and giving the job of eliminating Koro-Sensei, she began enjoying school. As she told Kokuro Akahoshi (fellow Oc), she portraited school as a video game, and her target was Koro-Sensei. 

She sometimes has a complex personality, but her fun side shows when she told a few students that she liked the Video game 'Lightning Attack' and has quite an addiction too. She began opening up a lot later on. In the island arc, Shikino was left facing an enemy with a few of her fellow classmates.

Her love for video games shows when she was facing her enemy, she would name her attacks. Like, 'Right lightning attack', she would attack the right arm. Because of this, her opponent thought it would be an easy win, but when she said 'Face lightning attack', her opponent got ready to defend his face, only to realize she never intended to attack his face, but his manhood. She ended with a 'Manhood thunder attack'. That gained her nickname 'Trickster'.


School: Kunugigaoka Junior High school
Class: 3-E
Seat Number: #26
Skills: Good at Video games, dealing with small objects (like putting in bullets,*she has flexible fingers*).
Abilities: Planning an attack and making it work, handling with automatic guns, flexibility and light-footed.
Preferred Weapon: M4 Carbine
  • Japanese Voice: Orikasa, Fumiko
  • English Voice: Stephanie Sheh
  • Actor / Actress in Live Action Adaption: Mao Inoue
Strongest Subject: Mathematics
Weakest Subject: History

Family, Friends and Other Relations:

Mother: Unnamed Mother (Deceased) (Shiki calls her Mother)
Relationship: They were very close as mother and daughter. Shikino's mother would bake her favorite muffins. 

Father: Unnamed Father (Mr. Kisaragi)
Relationship: Shiki and her father aren't too close.

  • Rinji Kisaragi
Closest Friends:
Yuzuki Fuwa
Enemies: //
Crush: Kokuro Akahoshi (Oc)
Previous Affiliations: None.


- I don't have a life. If I keep locking myself to play video games, I'll never open up! -Shiki to herself
- Things are going amazing at school! I'm having fun for once. -Shiki to her father
- Take the risk or lose the chance
- We must never give up the fight, not even think about giving up because the second you do that, you've already lost the fight.


- She has notably bad eyesight but did not get glasses yet. She was seen with glasses after graduation.
- She has a thing for very tall boys.
- Because she has low VitaminD, she gets easily blinded and paralyzed by sunlight, like a Vampire or Ghost.
- She was called 'Naked Lady' during class 3-E Training using code names. The one who thought of her codename was Muramatsu
- In the Civil war game, she was eliminated by Isogai after meeting up with Karma.
-She loves muffins 
-She has low Vitamin D
-Her statistics were revealed in Tankobon extra:
 Physical strength: 2
 Mobility: 3
 Close range assassination: 2
 Long range assassination: 4
 Academic ability: 3
 Characteristic skill: 4 (Tricking)
-Shikino is depicted as a ghost
-Shiki dislikes sitting next to Ritsu, complaining that she hears a few chHKKKK sounds once in a while.

Background Story:

Ever since the death of her mother, Shikino became even more introverted. Her mother's death caused her to lose interest in school and her friends, so she stayed home every day to play video games. Her father never knew since he had to handle two jobs at a time, leaving at 6 in the morning and returning at 1. Because of that, Shikino felt like she could do whatever she wanted. She woke up right after her father left, played all day and slept at 12. Since nobody ever bothered to 'wake' her up, she locked herself in her room, eating the same thing every day and getting no sunlight (Vitamin D).

It was revealed that her little brother Rinji, tried to convince her to come out, only to get ignored so he gave up. The school had sent letters, but Shikino would hide them. One day her father discovered the letters, saying that his daughter was not going to school. She sent her back for her last year at Junior high. 

  • Listening to: Rokutousei no yoru
  • Reading: Killing Stalking
  • Watching: No.6 and Uta no Prince sama
  • Eating: cucumber (cucumgua XD)


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