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BluemagicalGirl's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi! Welcome to my Deviantart account!

Name: Helen, Name meaning: Shining light in Greek. I am not Greek.

Nicknames: Hell. Age: Early teens Gender: Female

Date of birth: Sep 3 Sign: Virgo Race/country: Canada //

Height: 5'0 Occupation: Student Birthplace: Canada Currently living in: Canada

Mother, father, younger brother and twin sister Rockygirlly

Friends: Unikitty4ever, Violet23130 JellyBunny4ever

Appearance: Long bangs ,parted at the middle, short black hair up to my shoulders(bit longer), a strip of blonde highlight on the left side of my hair. Brown eyes, bags under my eyes (they never leave).

Hairstyle: Let down. Tattoos/birthmarks: I have a birthmark on my lower right wrist.

Handedness: Right.

Personality:Quiet and shy but once you get to know me I'm the funniest and loudest in the group. Like literally.

Favourites: Anime, books, me. Dislikes: Annoying brats

Hobbies/interests: Watching and drawing and being inspired by anime (especially One piece), reading Harry potter, writing stories.

Fears: Can't think of any.

Habits: Whenever I watch something scary I have to sleep with my door halfway open.

Mannerisms: Quite good just that I'm too shy.

Best qualities: Funny and uplifting.

Worse qualities: I have bony hands and wrists and I hate it when people call me 'Grandma' when I have no wrinkles.

Goals/dreams: To do better in art. In my whole life I've only won 4 art contests (latest one a few days ago, it wasn't really a contest but it's a contest if there's a prize in the end. I had to draw a picture of a classmate with my feet)

"I don't care what you say about me. All I care about is my test scores."

Relationships: In none.

Reputation: The fangirl, and the girl who sits in the corner.
When people say 'they're the girl who sits in the corner' they don't really...sit in the corner. They just you use to make themselves look lonely and whatever.
But I literally had this classmate who said to MY FACE that I'm like the girl who sits in the corner. And maybe I do sit in the corner and my desk is close-ish to the corner. Ok I do sit in the corner but for some reason, my teacher never changes my seating arrangement.

Best friends: Unikitty4ever, rockygirlly, wishing4stars, Jellybunny4ever

Love interest: Heheheheh. I have a crush on this boy (not telling you his name and I stalked him on Inta) But he's 4 years older than me and I technically gave up.
Kindness: 8/10 Social skills: 6/10 Confidence: 5/10 Intelligence: 6/10

Stamina: 6/10 Motivation: 5/10

Facts about me
-I hate kids -I love Vocaloid

credits to me for creating this
When I hold the door for people
Kids: *Ignores me* Anyways, back to Star wars-
Teenagers: Thanks
Adults: Why thank you

Quote: "I want to go fucking Skiing." -2017

I have about 6 OCs -_-
I'll list the one's I've drawn already
-One Piece: Aqua D. Umi
-One piece minor Ocs: Cheshire Kerushi
Fairy Tail: Ame Mizumaki
-World trigger: Reina Kuroko
-Yuri on ice: Yuki Glazkov (you won't see her a lot)
-Harry Potter: Helen Regalrore and Lilith Regalrore.

My One piece story:…

My Fairy tail story:…

My Haikyuu story:…

My World trigger story:…

My Yuri!!!On ice story:…


Name: Loraine Strauss (Former name: Lavender Star)

The name Loraine has many meanings. It is a French royalty name yet also a German name. The French meaning has none, but it is a French royalty name. The German meaning for Loraine means 'Made famous in battle'.
Strauss is a German surname and the first nickname of 'Struz' which are usually given to belligerent people (hostile people). Other people that have this last name, the shop 'Levi's' created by Levi Strauss (I didn't know that).

Nickname(s): Rain girl, Lorry, The cold shoulder

Alias (if any): Winged titan, Flight titan.

Age: 15+

Gender: Female

Titan shifter

Birthday: January 13th

Shriner village, Sky mountain or A.k.a 'Mountain over the ocean'. Explained later on.

Current Residence:
Wall Rose

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status:
Currently single

Language(s) spoken: German, French and English.

Life-Long Dream: To discover the history of the Winged Titans

Goal(s): To learn how to kill titans, protect as much people and learn about the world, and to save her home town.


-Teamwork: Feels like she doesn't have to do everything by herself
-Being in charge: likes people following her orders, she's never been wrong, yet
-Reading: She feels like she's in another world than the place she is in now
-training: She likes training as long as there's no titans around
-3D Maneuvering gear: She likes the feeling that she's up so high, the view of a titan, sort of.
-Her friends and family
-Coffee: Keeps her awake


-Military police: Even though they help, Loraine can't seem to like them since they were the one who brought her to court
-Sleeping: Loraine can't fall asleep sometimes, and whenever she sleeps she feels like she's missing something out from the real world
-Eating: Feels like she's going to barf any second, and plus, the food isn't even good
-Being used
-Being judged and people who are quick to judge
Argument: Though she starts most of them

Bad Habit(s)
: Being a Perfectionist and worrying too much. She keeps everything to herself and her 3 childhood friends and pushes everyone else away but still uses them for work. Strict.

Hobbies: Teaching, talking to her friends, reading, training, playing her Violin and painting.

Fear(s): Losing her beloved ones, and losing control of her titan self and killing innocent people.


Loraine was first introduced as a kind, care-free girl who lived safely in her town, high up in the mountains. But after fleeing her town with her friends and crossing over the ocean, care-free isn't in her vocabulary anymore. She was then a hardworking and kind type. She helped everyone with their training. But after graduating and the top 10 were moved to squad Levi, Loraine had changed quite a bit.
She began to take charge since she was afraid others would bail out. She gets mad if the plan doesn't work. But she is still helpful but all she needs to do is chill out. She can be a bit pressured sometimes.

Food(s): Healthy food or else she'll complain
Color(s): Purple and Green. Doesn't really care about colours.
Season(s): Autumn
Activities: 3D Maneuvering gear, playing Violin and painting.
Time of Day: Evening.
Extras: /

Height: 5'5 - 5'6
Weight: 46kg - 53kg
Hair style: Short and down. Long bangs pushed aside.
Hair Color: Golden brown.
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Skin Tone: Pale
Body Shape/Build: Fit and healthy
Birth Marks: One on her left arm
Scar(s): None.
Other: Other than wearing her Uniform, Loraine always wears a long dress (the ones shown in the anime and manga) and her black vest. To make sure her fellow squad members know that she's the winged titan and not mistake anyone else (or else it'll be big trouble) she wears a headband while fighting. She tried using it but her teammates still couldn't spot her from away for she wrapped a longer headband with the two ends dangling along.

Memory: No. But sometimes she feels like she remembers too much.
Sight: No.
Mental: Other than pressure, no.
Physical: Normal, not counting biting on your thumb to transform.
Sleep patterns: About 3-4 when she's lucky and her insomnia isn't bad. Or if she's unlucky she stays awake the whole night.
-Allergic to Shrimp
-Has insomnia, wakes up on different basis. She feels like when she's sleeping, a titan would pop up.
-Panic disorder

3D Maneuvering Gear: 9/10 (explained in her history to prevent sues)
Intelligence: 7/10 
Martial Arts: 5/10
Battle Skill: 6/10
Agility: 7/10
Strategy: 8/10 (Takes notes after Erwin)
Teamwork: 10/10
Passion: 5/10

Affiliation: Survey corps
Former Affiliation: 106th corps
Grad. Rank: 6th
Status: Alive

Titan Shifter-
Title: Winged/flight titan
Appearance: No female resemblance, weak, bat-like, torn wings. Pointy feet, sharp ears and sharp nails. Short flashy brown hair.
What class Titan: 12m
Transformation caused by: Biting her thumb, or drawing blood.
Did you have previous knowledge of being able to change?: No.
If yes, how did you find out?: /
How well can you control it?: At first when she learned that she was the Winged Titan, she had fainted. She tried her best to control it but she really couldn't since she hated being a titan. Her control ability was 3/10. After they found out, she was sent to court but managed to escape. She had no other choice but to accept it. 6/10. Back then Loraine had trouble hiding her titan. I mean, you can't miss this big thing with wings blocking the sun. Her worst problem was cannons, which they would shoot at her and it gets her everytime. Now she had learned how to wrap her thin wings around the cannon, cushion the impact and send it back. That's all the learned.

Titan stats

Speed: 7/10
Attack strength: 6/10
Defense: 9/10 (She can just fly away if she feels threatened.)
Other: She has been told her did better as a Human than Titan form so she hardly uses her titan form.

So in the end, the only useful thing is that she can be used for transportation.

Parent(s): Mist and Orchid Star (Both dead)


Other Relative(s):

Love Interest:
Levi Ackerman. (She had given up on him since he was impossible and her Survey corp work was more important. She can't bother herself with her love life so she stopped)

Best Friend(s):
Nefen Brandis(Former name: Night Brode 15), Richelle Caspar(Ruby Corvis 15) and Ormand Dauberman(Owl Dorris 17, deceased)

Joanne, Hail, Strom, Lyra, Ritner, Richard and Lyra.

Enemy(ies): Titans.

Hero(es): Herself.

Rival(s): None.

'Teamwork makes Dream works!"

"I may be strict but I am fair."

"People who fly solo have the strongest wings"

"One scary thing about distance is if they’ll remember you or not."

"If I keep pushing myself back I’ll forget the important things."

"Hit me, shoot me, kick me, insult me, punch me, hurt me, after you’ve heard my reasons."

"Don’t judge me by my titan. I never said I wanted to be one anyways."

You've heard of living underground or living behind the walls right? What about living in the sky? Lavender star and her family has lived on top of a tall mountain for years. Titans came but all the could do was scratch at the bottom of the mountain. One day, suddenly the mountain had toppled over, Lavender and her friends Ruby, Night and Owl had to flee by boat over the ocean.
When they reached the end they had to change their names.
Since Loraine is the Winged titan, she excelled at 3D maneuvering gear since she's used to the air.

Titan history: Currently unknown but the owner of the Winged titans is forced to transform on a full moon.

Created by Alicecantbestopped


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